The Century Building

130 7th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Historic Building, Modern Amenities

century_history_01The Century Building was built in 1907, towering above all other buildings in the Pittsburgh Business District. The building stood commanding in appearance. The light Pompeian brick and terra cotta architecture color contrast was striking in the early twentieth century. It continues to be a breathtaking sight over a century later.

Built to house offices in Pittsburgh’s business district at the beginning of the last century, The Century Building was born anew in 2009 with a mix of Commercial businesses, Restaurants and Residential housing. The redevelopment process involved a refurbishment of the 12 story concrete structure. The restoration included floor to ceiling windows, patented copper window bays, and a complete restoration of the buildings historic façade. The project is unique because it intersects affordability, environmental design, and historical preservation and transportation choices into one building.


Bike Center Second ViewAs part of the buildings restoration, two recycled shipping containers were repurposed into a bike center where building residents and Downtown commuters can store their bike securely, year round. For more information about the Century Building Bicycle Commuter Center click here!

The Century Building is listed on the National Register of Historical Places. It adds housing choices within walking distance of parks, cultural amenities, and abundant public transportation options. The Building meets the Secretary of Interior Standards for historic preservation and is LEED Gold accredited. The Century Building was awarded an AIA Pittsburgh Award of Excellence in the category of Historic Preservation in 2010. The Century Building also received the Jack Kemp Workforce Housing Models of Excellence Award in 2012. During redevelopment, Trek Development focused on restoration and preservation of the historical facade.

Demonstrated in the pictures above, great care and detail went into the Historic Rehabilitation of the Century Building. It now serves as a residential and commercial space- adapted for contemporary use, while still committed to protecting its heritage.