The Century Building

130 7th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The Century Building is home to several outdoor amenities, including an innovative, integrated bike storage system used by both current residents and the public. The bike center is made of recycled metal shipping containers that were subsequently sanded and painted bright green, with a billboard depicting a bike. To encourage healthy living and sustainability, the bicycle storage center is open to both commuters and Century Building residents.

In the past 10 years Pittsburgh has made a huge initiative to encourage non-car commuters, including a introducing a Bike Lane on Penn Avenue and hosting several events for bike enthusiasts. Following the placing of the bike lane, bike commuters doubled. In fact, since 2000 Pittsburgh has had a 408% increase in bike commuting, the largest jump of any city in the nation- putting us in the top 11 biking cities in the country.  As recently as the Spring of 2016, 11 street sculptures, doubling as bike racks were installed throughout the Cultural District. Each year Downtown Pittsburgh and Bike PGH hosts several events near the Century Building including Open Streets Pittsburgh, BikeFest, Lunchloop and Pedal PGH. Trek is dedicated to furthering the mission of Downtown Pittsburgh’s Bicycle Friendly Community.

The Cultural District Bicycle Commuter Center hosts 26 indoor spaces for lease and 15 outdoor spaces. A season pass is $150/year to lease indoor bicycle parking spaces. For more info about the Bicycle Commuter Center contact